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My favourite macOS Apps 2022 (m1 edition)

This is my first blog post and will start a series of my favourite apps for various devices including macOS, iOS and Windows.

Starting with macOS Apps (which are compatible with my m1 mac):

Open Source:

  1. AlDente: This app lets you control the charging behaviour of your device, for example stop charing at 80% for better battery life. There is a paid pro version which lets you do even more.
  2. Latest: This small utility can scan all your installed apps and return if there’s an update available - Great tool if you install apps outside the appstore and without a packagemanager like brew.
  3. iina: The modern video player for macOS - Think about VLC but native for mac.
  4. MonitorControl: Lets you control your external monitors brightness and volume via software, just like it would with an Apple original monitor.
  5. Mac Mouse Fix: One of my favourite mac apps ever, found it recently and it gives my logitech g pro wireless mouse all the features I want (Just like you can custimize its buttons on windows but the officall software doesnt work on mac). Also its opensource, lightweight and active in development. The recent 2.0 update made a hugh difference and the app itself even better.

Close Source / Paid:

  1. Amphetamine: Controls sleep/wake with various timers etc.
  2. iMazing: I personally use it to make automated local backups of my iPhone to my mac over wifi. Works really great.
  3. LittleSnitch: Software firewall for mac. Can control and monitor outgoing and ingoing traffic. Also lets you add filterlists for a machine wide adblocking (like dns).
  4. Unite: Unite allows you to turn any website into a deeply customizable app on your Mac. I personally use it to make a “native” WhatsApp Client. The offical one is a bloated electron app, slow and chugs battery like crazy.

Let me know if you have suggestions for apps or other helpfull feedback!