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My favourite Safari Extensions 2022

My favourite Safari extensions 2022 for iOS and macOS:

  1. 1Blocker (iOS and macOS): Adblocker which now works on macos and ios - I tested a few different adblocker for safari and this one seems to work the best. It gets frequent updates and there are a lot of blocking-lists and categories to choose from. It’s not free and I’m no fan of app subscriptions but I got a got lifetime-licence deal and I also know that developing costs time and thus money.
  2. DarkReader (iOS and macOS): Awesome open-source extensions which makes every website have a darkmode. Works really well and you can disable it per website. This setting gets synced over iCloud which is a great feature. Bonus: Also available für Chrome, Firefox and Edge!
  3. Bitwarden (macOS): My password manager of choice. Maybe it’ll get its own blog post in the future. For now the bitwarden browser extension (which also works in edge, chrome, firefox, brave, and more…) extends the featureset of the main app with auto-fill per website and support for TouchID authentication.
  4. stepTwo (macOS): My TOTP app of choice. I have set up totp (also know as 2FA) on as many websites/services as possible. Because most of these apps are local on phones only and I’m worried about losing/breaking my phone thus locking myself out of virtually all of my accounts, stepTwo comes to the rescue. It works on macOS and iOS also featuring iCloud sync. So in case my phone catches fire, I can rely on my mac for 2fa codes.
  5. Pipifier (macOS): Safari Extension adding PIP support for various sites like Youtube, Netflix and more.
  6. SponsorBlock (macOS): “Skip sponsorships, subscription begging and more on YouTube videos”. Bonus: Also available für Chrome, Firefox, Edge and more…!
  7. Open in Apollo (iOS): Extension from my favourite reddit app “Apollo” which automatically opens reddit links from safari in Apollo.
  8. Map Redirect (iOS): Replaces map links to be opened with my map app of choice - Apple Maps

Let me know if you have suggestions for apps or other helpfull feedback!